Puppy Counting Mats

Photo Source: prekinders.com

Here's a simple (yet brilliant!) counting exercise for your preschoolers from Karen Cox at PreKinders! Not only do these cute puppy mats give students extra counting practice, they help strengthen number recognition skills as students identify the header numbers as well as hone the fine motor skills used in writing as they draw with dry erase markers or crayons. Use individual counting mats when learning specific numbers, then compile a counting binder for easy number practice and review!

When your students have mastered "puppy" counting, try making your own animal counting worksheets:

  • Have students draw the correct number of stripes on a zebra.
  • Invite students to put the correct number of whiskers on a cat.
  • Have students add the correct number of scales to a fish (or draw the correct number of bubbles coming from the fish's mouth).
  • Have students draw the correct number of flies on the frog's tongue.

The list could go on and on! Repetition with these fun counting worksheets will turn your preschoolers into 'all-star' counters! To download the puppy counting mat and for more great lesson ideas, be sure to visit PreKinders.

Happy counting!

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