Punctuating Dialogue

Punctuation, while critical to both writing and reading, can be a difficult topic for your students to grasp; especially when it comes to punctuating dialogue. Greg Harrison, elementary teacher and author for the teacher's resource Lesson Planet, offers helpful exercises on teaching your students how to use correct punctuation. Practicing Quotations with Macaroni

Provide your students with a shallow dish of dry macaroni noodles and a worksheet of dialogue. Working individually or in a small group, invite your students to place the macaroni pieces where quotation marks are needed. Come together as a class and discuss the correct answers.

Creating Dialogue

A great way to practice using quotation marks is to practice dialoguing between characters. Provide each of your students with a comic strip that has the dialogue removed. Encourage your students to create a scene, using the correct punctuation for their characters' dialogue.

For more great ideas be sure to read the rest of Harrison's article at Lesson Planet!

Quotation Marks, Commas, And More

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