Promoting Quality Work - "My Work ROCKS!" Box

Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers
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It can be difficult to get your students to put their all into every assignment. While turning in neat, high quality work each and every day should be the goal, at some point, every educator finds themselves fielding sloppy and unfinished assignments. As with most things in the classroom, the solution to this comes back to communication, outlining for your kiddos the type of work you want to see (with examples + colorful anchor charts!), and maybe a bit of positive reinforcement!

Enter the "My Work ROCKS!" Box utilized by Amber and LuAnn over at Kindergarten Rocks! To promote high quality in the classroom, these creative kinder teachers put together a box full of fun supplies their kiddos love using - cool pens, markers, colored pencils, etc. Students can earn the opportunity to use the pencil box full of goodies for a whole day by turning in work that is nice and neat! This, of course, is a prestigious award - complete with certificate to be sent home - that is sure to make your kiddos feel like a million bucks! Recognizing students for their hard work and success, while encouraging the rest of the class to try harder; we call that a win-win!

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