Promoting Good Care For Teeth

Whether created by the large imposing chair or the abundance of shiny, sharp-edged tools, the dentist tends to inspire fear and dislike in both children and adults. Spice up your dental unit with this fun activity that encourages your preschoolers to keep healthy teeth! You many also want to take a look at this helpful teacher resource book called, "Brush Well: A Look at Dental Care".

Brushing Eggs

In preparation for the activity, hard boil one egg for each of your students. Collect two large bowls, inexpensive toothbrushes, toothpaste, red punch, dark soda, and a few other containers to be used during the activity. Fill one large bowl with punch, the second with soda, and place one-half of the eggs in each liquid. The shells of the hard-boiled eggs will soon start to take on the color of the drinks they’re submerged in. Have your students take turns observing each bowl, reminding them that drinking too much soda and punch can cause the discoloration of their teeth as well. Ask your students how you should get the eggs clean (i.e. put them in the washer, place them in a bubble bath, etc.) Lead them to the correct answer then provide each student with an egg and a toothbrush. If you haven’t already, push desks into groups of four, providing each set of students with a small container of toothpaste and a larger ‘rinsing station’. Students have a blast brushing the eggs clean!

Preschool Playbook: Smile Pretty!

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