Printing Practice & Name Stamping

Name Printing Preschool Printables
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Give your preschoolers a bit of printing practice with this fun name writing exercise from Carisa at 1+1+1=1. Each worksheet is designed with a line for teachers or parents to print the child's name, a place for kiddos to practice stamping their name, and a third section where students can trace or write their name. Carisa provides worksheet templates that work for names between 2 and 9 characters long. {If you have students with longer names you'll have to create your own worksheet!} The best part is, these worksheets work great for other words too! Invite your kiddos to try some extra printing practice and build focus word recognition by scripting CVC words, sight words, and other vocabulary words at the top!


It can get wasteful printing a bunch of worksheets out for students to complete then throw away so you might consider creating a reusable classroom set. Print out the worksheets, script the desired focus words at the top, then place the printables into plastic document sleeves and put them in a binder. Students can use dry erase markers to write or trace the words, and use foam letters, alphabet blocks, or other letter manipulatives to spell out the words in the 'stamp boxes'.