President's Day - National Symbols Game

President's Day Social Studies Game Preschool Printable
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Mrs. Goodman, kindergarten teacher and face behind the classroom blog, Mrs. Goodman's Frog Blog, designed a fabulous game that would be perfect for the upcoming holiday. Full of national symbols - monuments, currency, presidents, and more - your preschoolers will get a great introductory social studies lesson about our nation and develop important social skills as they play this fun patriotic game!

Use the game cards as designed - for a game of 'Go Fish' - or consider one of the following alternatives...

  • Lay the cards face down on a flat surface and invite your kiddos to test their memory/matching skills with a game of concentration.
  • Use the game cards as flash cards - inviting students to test their memory and yell out the name of each item as you present it.
  • Add vocabulary extensions to the cards to create 3-part matching cards {see example below}. Students will not only practice identifying the various national symbols, but will be introduced to how the various words are spelled.
    President's Day Social Studies Game Preschool Printable
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  • Laminate and bind the cards with a binder ring, creating a flash card flip book for your students to explore independently.

There are lots of great things you can do with these cards. Be sure to swing by Mrs. Goodman's Frog Blog to pick up your copy to use this Monday!

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