Preschool Easter Egg Hunt That Reinforces Colors

While Easter activities are meant to be fun and a break from regular classroom activity, it doesn't mean that these teachable moments should go to waste. Simple alterations to a regular Easter egg hunt will go a long way to teaching your students about teamwork and problem solving, while reinforcing color recognition. Marie, creator of the blog Make and Takes, provides easy to follow instructions for this great activity! Planning for three or four groups of students, collect ten plastic Easter eggs for each team (30 or 40 in total). Within each team's grouping of eggs, mix and match colors, using an egg template and crayons to create clue cards matching each of the newly created eggs to show your preschoolers what they're looking for. Hide these mismatched eggs around the classroom and send your students on the hunt! This activity is fun, allows children to run off some excess energy, and strengthens important developmental skills.

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