Pot of Gold Treasure Hunt

Since your students are expecting to get a treat on St. Patrick’s Day, why not make them work for it? Designing a classroom treasure hunt is a great way to promote teamwork and problem solving skills. Jo, co-creator of the blog Chica and Jo, offers a fun way of doing just that!

Before beginning this activity, she suggests collecting the following items:

• One large green cauldron. • Six small black cauldrons. • Candy with gold wrappers. These may include Rolo, Reese’s, Hershey’s Nuggets, Twix, etc. • Small rainbow colored toys. Children’s party favors from your local party or craft store can make fun ideas. • Rainbow colored ribbon. • Rainbow colored tissue paper. Fill the large green cauldron with your assortment of gold-wrapped candies. This will be the main prize to be found at the end of the treasure hunt. Next, separate toys by color, putting each grouping into a black cauldron and embellishing with the same color tissue paper. It is best to follow the different colors of the rainbow (i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet) so that you can use the same activity to reinforce colors and the concept of ordering. For younger children, connect each cauldron, in order, with matching ribbon to make the hunt less challenging. For older children, hide each prize in a different location, instructing your students to find and bring them to you in order to receive the final prize. This is a fun, interactive St. Patrick’s Day game your students will love!

Leprechaun game for St. Patrick’s Day | Chica and Jo

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