Play Dough Rainbow "Kabobs"

color theory play dough rainbow activity
Photo Source: A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That

What do you get when you combine play dough, wooden skewers, and a bit of color theory? These fantastic {perfect for St. Patrick's Day!} rainbow kabobs from A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That!

Supplies You'll Need

While you can certainly use a regular piece of craft paper, draw several circles, and call it a day {this worked perfectly for the creator of the craft}, you might consider providing your students with a structured mat that designates areas for primary, secondary, and even tertiary colors like the example below.

color theory play dough mat

Students begin with a ball of red, yellow, and blue {primary colored!} play dough placed in the red circles. The secondary color squares will be filled when students mix two neighboring primary colors together and the tertiary color triangles will be filled when students mix a primary color with the neighboring secondary color. Once the mat is filled, provide students with a wooden skewer on which to place the colored dough and voila! - a rainbow kabob! Not only will students brush up on their color theory, they'll be building fine motor skills as they squish the colors together!

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