Pirate Pre-K Pack from Over The Big Moon

Pirate Preschool Printables
Photo Source: www.overthebigmoon.com

You find pirate activities galore in this awesome {FREE!} preschool pack from Pam of Over The Big Moon! With 17 activities in all, there's something for everyone! Prewriting practice. Scissor skills. Patterning. Sorting. Counting. Beginning letter sounds. These are just a few of the available exercises and skills your kiddos will practice using the worksheets in this preschool pack!

Our favorite activity? The pirate strip puzzle! Not only will it help your preschoolers strengthen numeral recognition and ordering skills, we envision using the strips in a 'treasure hunt', providing your kiddos with a reward for collecting all the 'clues' and piecing them together, or in a puzzle race, dividing students into teams and having them work together to assemble the puzzle as fast as they can.

Whether you use them all or incorporate a few into your lessons, we highly suggest heading over to Over The Big Moon for this awesome download!