Ping Pong Ball Obstacle Course & Track

Many moms and teachers save craft items they think they'll use at the time, then find they have an overflowing art cabinet at the end of the year full of mismatched recyclables and art bits. Michelle, creator of the blog Scribbit, offers a great project that will clean out your supply of extra craft rolls!

The supply list is simple. All you need are the empty wrapping paper, paper towel, and toilet paper rolls you've stashed away, kid scissors, adhesive-backed magnet strips, and ping pong balls. With these simple supplies in hand you're ready to create a fantastic ping pong ball obstacle course and race track! Simply use your craft scissors to cut the empty tubes in half lengthwise, make length adjustments if needed, then stick a magnet to the back and arrange the pieces "obstacle course style" on a magnetic surface. Since the track is fully adjustable, students will be able to test and modify their designs as they go simply by placing the ping pong ball at the top and noting its progress through the course. This activity is sure to provide hours of fun for students of all ages!

Scribbit | A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska: Summer Kid Crafts: Make Some Tracks

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