Photo Album Practice Pages - Fun with Colors

Dry Erase Skill Practice Preschool PrintablesColors are also an important concept to review with your preschoolers and what better way to do so than with reusable activities that can be added to your activity center rotations! Like the number, letter, and shape practice worksheets, we created some simple color activity printables to use with an inexpensive photo album and dry erase markers. Color Recognition Preschool Printables

Here’s a breakdown of the activities included in the download...

  • Color word recognition/tracing. Each page features a color splatter and traceable color word. Students will build color recognition, begin to associate colors with color words, and strengthen fine motor skills as they trace each color word.
  • Color/color word matching. Students are invited to draw a line from the color splatter on the left side of the page to the appropriate color word on the right side of the page.
  • Color recognition. Presented with a group of items, students are invited to identify and circle all of the items that match the focus color - i.e. circle the items that are red. [NOTE: While the color word recognition/tracing activity includes pink, brown, gray, and black, this activity only includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.]

As always, these printables are formatted to print directly onto blank 4? x 6? index cards and fit in an inexpensive photo album to create a reusable dry erase activity!

    Colors Worksheets Bundle

    Photo Album Practice Pages - Fun with Colors

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