Phenomenal Twist on Paper Doll Play

Joel Henriques, the mastermind behind the exquisite creations of Made by Joel, provides a modern twist to paper doll play. Not just for girls anymore, this play city with people, cars, and helicopters will be a delight for any classroom!

All you need for this inexpensive project is card stock (or matte photo paper as suggested by Joel), a printer, and some craft scissors. Joel provides templates for each component of this paper play experience so fabrication is a snap! If you DO decide to use this in your classroom's pretend corner, think about letting each of your students choose and color their own person, car, etc. That way, the experience will be more personal and each child can creatively 'bring to life' their own little character and story!

This might even be a fun writing prompt. Once each child is done creating a paper person, ask them to write a short character bio introducing them to the class (e.g. interests, career, family, pets, etc.). This will sharpen their creative writing skills, while providing a "freestyle" outlet for their imagination!

Made by Joel: Paper City & Made by Joel: Paper City Vehicles

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