Penguin Inspired Indoor Games - Save the Penguin!

Winter Science Game for Kids
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Planning a winter classroom party or just need some fun games for you kiddos to play when it's too cold to go outside? Check out these fabulous ideas from Nicole over at The Party Animal! They all have a cutesy penguin theme and we're pretty sure your students will have a ball!

Check out this awesome "Save the Penguin" game - it offers a fantastic opportunity for students to explore the various states of matter and examine what factors affect {speed up!} the melting of snow...

Before the party, Nicole placed penguin gummy candies in cups of water and froze them, creating an "iced penguin" for each child attending the party. [NOTE: Be sure to visit The Party Animal for the full freezing process!] At the party, the children were charged with the task of rescuing their penguin by melting the ice using any means possible. The first child to get to the penguin, won!

We love the idea of purchasing inexpensive cookie sheets or throwaway pans to provide each child with their own "melting station". We also think it could be fun to have a "tool station" that offers gloves for each child so that they can handle the ice without getting cold hands and things to help them melt the ice - salt, cups of hot water with eye droppers, etc. Afterward, have a discussion with your kiddos about what methods worked best to melt the ice, what they might have tried, etc.

There's nothing like a little competition to get your students engaged in the learning process! Be sure to visit The Party Animal for freezing directions and lots of other fun penguin inspired activities!