Penguin Inspired Indoor Games - Musical Icebergs

Winter Gross Motor and Pretend Play Game for Kids
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Planning a winter classroom party or just need some fun games for you kiddos to play when it's too cold to go outside? Check out these fabulous ideas from Nicole over at The Party Animal! They all have a cutesy penguin theme and we're pretty sure your students will have a ball!

We love this idea for musical icebergs - it provides the chance for some fun 'wintery' tunes and gets your kiddos up and moving! It might even provide a chance for some pretend play!

Simply cut iceberg shapes from tag board, poster board, or Styrofoam {you'll need one less than the number of students in your class}, clearing space in the classroom and placing them in a circle. Then, play the same way you would musical chairs. For fun and to keep your kiddos from running all willy nilly, instruct your students to keep their feet together and waddle from berg to berg like a penguin would!

This is such a fun idea! Nicole has plenty more at her website, so be sure to check out the full party post at The Party Animal!