Penguin Inspired Indoor Games - Ice Fishing

Winter Indoor Gross Motor Skills Game for Kids
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Planning a winter classroom party or just need some fun games for you kiddos to play when it's too cold to go outside? Check out these fabulous ideas from Nicole over at The Party Animal! They all have a cutesy penguin theme and we're pretty sure your students will have a ball!

Ice Fishing

Find a large blue cleaning bucket, rounding out a piece of white tag board {or Styrofoam} so that it fits over the entire top and cutting a hole in its center to make it look like a piece of ice. Add colorful paper fish to the bucket, clipping a paper clip onto the cutouts so they'll be attracted to the pole, and create a magnetic fishing pole. For fun, consider adding a special fish and provide a special prize for whomever catches the fish. Of course, as with ice fishing, students should sit well away from the bucket so that they can't see what they're catching.

[NOTE: This can easily be made into a learning/review game. Younger students can catch alphabet fish and must identify the letter, say a word that starts with the beginning sound, etc. before being allowed to keep the fish. Older students can catch math fish, where they have to correctly solve the problem on the fish before being allowed to keep it. The options are endless!]

Be sure to check out Nicole's full post for directions and other fun penguin inspired activities!