Pasta Butterflies

Teachers and students alike are counting the days until spring. While children can’t wait to shed their coats and run free in the cool spring air, teachers are thankful for the natural inspiration that spring provides to their lesson planning!

Butterflies are a wonderful symbol of spring. Despite their short lifespan, these insects embody the beauty and life that characterizes the season. They also provide a great opportunity for teaching children about life cycles. Allie, No Time For Flash Cards blogger, has designed a wonderful activity that incorporates these beautiful elements of spring. Here is a list of supplies: • Blue, brown, and green construction paper • Bow tie pasta (regular size and miniature) • MarkersGlue

Allie suggests using the blue construction paper as a background. White or a light blue may also be a good choice as a lighter color will show off your butterfly creations a bit better. Whichever you choose, use torn-off pieces of brown and green construction paper to design branches and leaves to glue onto the paper. For younger children, it may work best to dye or color the bow tie pasta before beginning the project, but if your students are old enough, provide markers for them to design their own butterflies from the pasta. As Allie points out, this will strengthen your students’ fine motor skills. Once complete, instruct your children to glue the pasta around the branches and use a marker to draw antennas on each of the butterflies. These are beautiful crafts to hang around the room in anticipation of spring!

3D Pasta and Paper Collage | No Time For Flash Cards

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