Paper Plate Turtle Craft

Paper Plate Turtle Craft for Kids

Great for fine motor building, this simple paper plate turtle craft is sure to make a fun addition to your crafting plans!


paper plate

green and brown construction paper

craft scissors

craft glue

wiggle eyes


Creating the Turtle

  1. Provide students with a piece of brown construction paper, inviting them to tear the paper into pieces. [You might consider showing them how to, first, tear the paper into strips, then tear each strip into smaller segments.] Students could also use scissors to complete this step, if desired.
  2. Provide students with precut turtle pieces (i.e. a head, legs, and a tail) or a piece of green construction paper with which to create the pieces. Using glue, have students attach the pieces to the outside edge of the plate (the head and tail at the top and bottom of the plate, respectively, and the legs along the sides), then add some glue to the top of the plate.
  3. Step 2

  4. Have your students collage the top of the plate with the torn (or cut) pieces of brown construction paper.
  5. Step 3 Step 3

  6. Last, but not least, add wiggle eyes to the head.
  7. Step 4