Paper Plate Sun Craft

Paper Plate Sun Craft for Kids

We've gotten on a bit of a paper plate craft kick and had fun creating this sun! Perfect for a spring or weather unit, the craft is super simple to put together.

Paper Plate Sun Craft

Provide students with a paper plate, a sheet of yellow art tissue paper, wiggle eyes, two pieces of white card stock, cotton balls, an orange marker, scissors, and glue.

To assemble...

  • Cut or tear the sheet of yellow art tissue paper into small squares.
  • Add a thin layer of glue to one-half of the paper plate, collaging the tissue pieces on the wet glue.
  • On one piece of white card stock, use the edge of the plate as a guide to create the sun's 'rays'. Simply draw around the collaged half of the plate with pencil (you'll end up with a half moon shape), draw triangles along the traced curve, then cut it out. It should look like the digital image below. Color the shape with orange marker then glue it to the back of the paper plate so that only the trianges, or rays, are visible around the edge of the plate.
  • Create a cloud template, tracing it onto the second sheet of white card stock and cutting it out. Add a thin layer of glue to the cutout and cover the shape with cotton balls. [NOTE: We suggest pulling the cotton balls apart a bit so that they're flat versus round.] Attach the cloud cutout to the un-collaged part of the paper plate.
  • Optional finishing touches - add wiggle eyes and a smile, as well as detailing around the edges of the shapes.