Paper Plate Ladybug Craft for Spring!

Paper Plate Ladybug Craft for Kids

Great for spring or a bug unit, this paper plate ladybug craft is easy to assemble, making it perfect for little crafters, and a fun way to get your kiddos excited about exploring the world around them! [Perhaps, if the weather permits, you can go on a nature walk and keep an eye out for bug, birds, and other signs of spring!]

Craft preparation...

Supplies for Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

Like the craft, activity prep is pretty simple. You'll need to collect your supplies;

  • Paper plates
  • Red craft paint
  • Kids paint brushes
  • Black construction paper
  • Kids craft scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Black chenille stems

Depending upon the skill level of your crafters, you'll need to determine if you want to a) precut the head, dots, and other detailing from black construction paper (so students just paste it on), b) create templates for students to trace onto the paper and cut out, or c) have your kiddos freehand the shapes. [NOTE: If you decide to precut the shapes, you might also wish to pre-staple the black chenille stem 'antennae' to the head, as shown in the image above.]

To complete the craft...

    Step 1 of Paper Plate Ladybug Craft
  • Paint the entire paper plate with red craft paint. Set aside to dry.
  • Cut out a head (a simple half-circle), dots, and other decorative detailing from black construction paper. [This step can be skipped if you plan to precut them!]
  • To create the 'antennae', staple a black chenille stem to the center of the head shape. [This step can be skipped if you plan to pre-staple them!] Have your kiddos use a pencil to curl the ends of the pipe cleaner.
  • Step 2 of Paper Plate Ladybug Craft Step 2 of Paper Plate Ladybug Craft

  • Use craft glue to attach the head, dots, and other detailing. [NOTE: For smaller children, it might be beneficial for an adult to put dots of glue where the items should go so students can use it as a guide. This will also cut down on the mess!]
  • The final step is to add wiggle eyes to the head!

A few tips & tricks...

  • Complete the craft in two groups to facilitate drying. [By the time the second group is done painting, the first group will have plates that are dry enough to glue, as long as none of the kids glob it on.]
  • If completing the craft in two groups is not feasible, you can glue before the paint is totally dry, which is convenient, but just be careful with sleeves!
  • A handy clean up tip - make a bucket of soapy water for kids to put paint brushes and bowls in when they are done. Let soak the items soak and, by the time you're ready to clean them, the paint should come right off with no scrubbing!