Paper Chain Butterfly Craft for Kids

Paper Chain Butterfly Kids Craft

We recently received this super cool paper chain butterfly craft from Michael Aldag - artist, card designer, and teacher at an after-school art program - and thought it would make an awesome summer craft/display for your kiddos to work together to create!

Here's what Michael had to say about the project...

"I've seen teachers create images with paper chains (such as pumpkins, apples, even reindeer), so while working as a teacher for an after-school art program at a local arts center, I thought during free time the students and I could make paper chains and form them into butterfly wings to fill up the back wall. The kids even added environmental elements and details to it...turned out beautifully."


construction paper in assorted colors





Supplies for Paper Chain Butterfly Craft

Making the Butterfly

Use the ruler to mark out 1-inch sections on the sheets of construction paper and have students cut them out. Once the strips are cut, have students use glue and the paper strips to form a chain. The picture below shows the start of the chain...

Paper Chain

Create the outline of the shape using the starter chain.

Beginning of the Paper Chain Butterfly

Use the rest of the chain to fill in the shape and add environmental elements to complete the scene!

Completed Paper Chain Butterfly Craft

Aren't the results beautiful?! This project, whether you create the butterfly or a different shape, is perfect for the season and offers a great opportunity for your students to work together!