Painting with Textures: Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap Paint Prints

While there's something to be said about learning specific painting techniques and honing specific skills, it can also be fun to take a break from the precision and play around with different textures and art mediums. Art teacher and blogger, Kathy Barbro, suggests exploring the use of bubble wrap. Easily found in the packaging aisle at Walmart, the post office, or other home stores, bubble wrap is relatively inexpensive and leaves a fun texture behind. Barbro had her students choose one color of paint to make a journal print, paper towels to soak up any extra paint, and then colored pencils to fill in the bubbles. Other teachers have suggested one multicolored print or layering solid color prints.

As you experiment, ask your students what the texture resembles in real life (i.e. fish or dragon scales). You may be surprised by the ingenuity of your students. Encourage your students to experiment making these items using the textured bubble wrap. This is a simple project that can offer loads of variation and hours of fun!

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