Paint Chip Mosaics

Most people have old paint chips lying around from one project or another so why not make use of these space-stealers during craft time? They're colorful, square, and offer a versatility that other products might not. Chica, preschool teacher and creator of the website Chica and Jo, suggests that you use these colorful pieces to create a vibrant mosaic. Supplies You'll Need
- Sturdy white card stock
- Old paint chips
- Elmer's Glue
- Kid's scissors

Start by selecting your desired color scheme. There are so many different possibilities. You could use different hues of one color, pick several complimentary colors and their different shades, or go for a rainbow effect. You could even categorize them into 'hot' and 'cold' colors.

Once you chosen your paint chips, begin thinking about design. You could place them in a square grid pattern, focus more on the line of the pattern (e.g. straight lines, diagonals], or use different sized triangles to complete a 'haphazard', more traditional mosaic.

The finished product will be a great compliment to any classroom display or, if you have a holiday coming up, could be used to create colorful greeting cards!

Paint chip greeting cards | Chica and Jo