Outdoor Fun - Rainbow Bubble Snakes!

Summer Outdoor Activity for Kids
Photo Source: www.housingaforest.com

We would never have believed this activity is as simple to assemble as Tammy of Housing a Forest insisted it is, but after reading her post, we're believers! Round up the kiddos because we know this is going to be an instant hit!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Recycled water bottle
  • Sock
  • Duct tape or thick rubber band
  • Dish soap
  • Food coloring

Not only is this a fun summer activity to do together, it's a great way to explore basic color theory and you might even consider throwing a bit of math into the mix. For example, compare bubble snakes using comparative language - longest, shortest, longer than, shorter than, etc. - or get out a measuring tape, practicing proper measuring techniques and determining the length of each bubble snake.

[NOTE: We haven't tried it, but you might also try bubble painting with these fun contraptions! If you do, let us know how it goes!]

For the full tutorial, be sure to visit Housing a Forest!