Oscar's Hall of Fame: Inspiring Higher Level Thinking Learning!

Hollywood Themed Higher Level Thinking Learning Printables

Looking for a fun way to challenge your students to go above and beyond normal classroom expectations, cultivating independent and higher level thinking learning skills? The Oscar's Hall of Fame offers a great opportunity to do just that!

What is the Oscar's Hall of Fame?

Perfect for early finishers or free time at school and home, students work to get their name in the Oscar's Hall of Fame by answering questions from the Oscar's Club. With 87 higher level thinking questions covering all subject areas, students have the opportunity to select the questions they wish to answer and are invited to answer as many as they want to throughout the year. The catch? Whether they already know the answer or need a bit of time to research it, students must be able to answer the question without the help of notes or aides.

Each correctly answered question earns them a star to add to their Oscar's Hall of Fame recording sheet and, once a student earns 15 stars, they are inducted into the Oscar's Hall of Fame for their achievement!

What's in the packet?

Oscars Hall of Fame Printable Packet Preview

To help you set up your own Oscar's Club, the packet includes;

  • Directions
  • 87 higher level thinking questions broken down by subject (i.e. social studies, math, science, language arts, and other)
  • A sheet to record the names of those students who have earned a spot in the Oscar's Hall of Fame

A Fun Freebie from the Packet!

Get the fun started with this free page of questions!

Free Social Studies Higher Level Learning Questions Printable

To preview and purchase the rest of the packet, be sure to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store by clicking here! Happy learning!

Oscar's Hall of Fame: Inspiring Higher Level Thinking Learning!


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