Ocean Themed Sensory Play Activity

Ocean Themed Sensory Play Activity

Since we seem to be working with lots of ocean themed ideas lately, we thought we'd pass along this fabulous sensory bin created by Allison of No Time For Flash Cards. It's such a joy to watch children learn and grow as they explore new things and this bin, with its squishy/sticky blue geletin, cool smooth glass pebbles, and plastic sea animals, is sure to make a great addition to your ocean unit!

Activity suggestions...

  • Exchange the geletin for blue water beads to achieve a wet/slippery feel, but with less mess! Dry materials like dyed rice, blue aquarium pebbles/gravel, and even shredded blue paper would also work if you're worried about the mess!
  • Set out (laminated!) ocean animal cards beside the bin and invite students to match the plastic animals they find in the bin with the cards.

You can find the full bin tutorial over a No Time For Flash cards! Allison has a lot of other great ocean themed activity ideas too so be sure to stick around and check them out!

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