Nuts and Bolts: Great Tools for Building Fine Motor Skills

If you're looking for a new activity for your preschoolers, you may just want to check in the aisles of your local hardware store! Jackie, a preschool teacher and mother, suggests picking up some nuts and bolts to strengthen problem solving and fine motor skills. Classroom Uses

  1. Place nuts and bolts in a recycled can and add them to your classroom toy storage shelf. It is neat to watch as children 'struggle' through this exercise independently. They will learn patience, as well as, perseverance as they attempt to 'solve the puzzle'.
  2. Have your students spread out around the room. Give each of them one nut or bolt and, on your mark, have them try to find their 'match'. This may result in bedlam, but it teaches your students about strategy, team work, and problem solving.

However you decide to incorporate these items into your classroom, you'll be surprised to see how versatile and inspiring they really are! Remember that classroom safety is first priority, so look for 'jumbo' nuts and bolts, no small pieces that could be dangerous if swallowed. Also, even if used during playtime, make sure that students are well-supervised. These can be effective skill building tools, but, as with everything, should be prepared for.

Pocketful of Posies: Fine Motor Practice with Nuts and Bolts

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