November Scarecrow Unit

Fall Scarecrow Preschool Printables
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We found this great unit at A Teaching Mommy and thought it would be fabulous to include some of these activities in your November centers! The activities cover all kinds of topics/skills...

  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • Letter recognition
  • Ordering
  • Patterning/Sequencing
  • Scissor skills
  • Printing practice
  • And much, much more!

Our favorite activity of the pack is the "Roll & Graph Scarecrow" math exercise. Students are provided with a homemade die containing clip art images of various scarecrows, invited to roll it {a set number of times or until one column on the graph is completely full}, then fill in the results on the accompanying graph. This is a fabulous way to introduce different ways to display data, as well as practice analyzing results - which scarecrow was rolled the most, which scarecrow was rolled the least, determine if any were rolled an equal amount, determine the actual number of times each scarecrow was rolled, etc.

Be sure to head on over to A Teaching Mommy for this fabulous download!