New Years Multi-Skill Printable Pack from 3 Dinosaurs!

New Years Themed Preschool Printables
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Celebrate the New Years holiday with this adorable {FREE} printable pack from Cassie over at 3 Dinosaurs! With 50+ pages, there are tons of activities that are sure to be a hit with your preschoolers!

  • Vocabulary/word recognition
  • Visual discrimination
  • Fine motor skills
  • Patterning
  • Prewriting
  • Problem solving
  • Counting
  • Ordering skills
  • Beginning letter sounds
  • Size sequencing/sorting
  • Word/sentence building
  • Color recognition
  • Telling time
  • Simple addition

These are just a few of the skills/concepts explored by the worksheets in Cassie's New Years pack! Our favorite activity is the party hat size sorting! With the colorful, cutesy clip art and the sorting mat, simply laminate the pieces and you'll have an instant January math center.

[NOTE: The pack was created for students ages 2 through 8 so use your discretion to find activities appropriate to your kiddos' skill level! Again, with 50+ pages, we're certain this won't be a problem!]

For this amazing New Years themed preschool pack, be sure to visit 3 Dinosaurs!