Motivating Your Students for A Productive Finish!

Spring has sprung and that means the countdown until summer break has already begun. While exciting, this can also leave your students feeling restless and inattentive, making it difficult to finish the school year strong. To keep your students engaged in the material, it may be beneficial to revitalize your methods for motivating students. Jennifer Wagaman, creator of My Classroom Management, offers several techniques that should keep the 'spring fever' at bay. Because most of your students will be itching to go outside and soak up the warm weather, find time to plan exciting outdoor educational excursions. Developing active games or scavenger hunts will allow you to stay on schedule with important topics and units, stretch your legs a bit, and keep your students learning without them even realizing it! Extra time outside can also be used as a reward for those students who have remained attentive and well-behaved during the lecture.

Overall, remember that as the school year comes to a close, patience is key. You're likely to be experiencing your own feelings of restlessness so attempt to cut your students some slack while you find new ways to motivate them for a productive finish!

Spring Fever Strategies « My Classroom Management

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