Mother Goose Journal Pages

Mother Goose Journal Pages
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Mother Goose Journal Pages

In celebration of "Mother Goose Day" {May 1st}, we created several journal pages that your students can use in their exploration of nursery rhymes. Inspired by our favorite writing prompts at The K-Crew, be sure to visit their site for other fantastic ideas for your unit!

Test your students' listening skills with this fun sequencing journal prompt. Since the rhyme is broken down into three main "events", invite your kiddos to illustrate and write a short blurb about each. For a more guided approach, consider creating descriptions from the rhyme for students to cut and glue onto the journal page. For instance, the description for the first box might be - "Sat on a wall" or "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall", etc.

After working with the actual events of the rhyme, invite your preschoolers to illustrate Humpty Dumpty's "great fall" and speculate what may have happened to all the pieces after the event with this guided writing prompt/journal page. Have students write or dictate their answer, and when finished, invite your kiddos to share their thoughts with their classmates.

To culminate your lesson, have your preschoolers create their own rhyming pairs using this journal page. Invite them to draw {and script if they can!} sets of objects/words that rhyme {i.e. tree/bee, nest/vest, two/shoe, etc}.

For more nursery rhyme journal prompts, be sure to visit The K-Crew's website!

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