Montessori-Inspired Printable Spring Activities

Spring Multi-Skill Preschool Printables
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Deb Chitwood, creator of Living Montessori Now and contributing author to PreK+K Sharing, recently shared these awesome printable spring activities from Our Little Monkeys - along with great presentation recommendations and suggestions for use - and we simply couldn't pass them up! Perfect for a weather, gardening, or spring unit, we know your kiddos will have a blast exploring the 35-page packet. Here's a peek at several of our favorite activities...

Water Cycle Poster

We love that Deb included an acrylic raindrop with this printable. Moving the gem from stage to stage and using the pictures to 'tell the story', so to speak, is a fantastic way to help your kiddos review {and remember!} the different steps of the water cycle!

Water the Flower Game

{Pictured above} This game is fantastic, not only for practice with numeral recognition and counting, but also for reviewing the scientific concept that plants need water to grow! Students take turns rolling a numbered die and moving their acrylic raindrop playing piece the correct number of spaces. The student who reaches the flower first, wins!

As the photo above shows, Deb has some fantastic presentation ideas for several of the ideas in this pack, so be sure to visit PreK+K Sharing! Of course, while you're there, be sure to click on over to Our Little Monkeys for the awesome download as well!