Mix & Match Game for the Toddler Classroom

Looking for learning tools to incorporate into your toddler classroom? Carissa of Tools for Tots has created a great homemade mix & match game your students are sure to love!

Creating the Game

To begin, find a large see-through container (check your home recycling bin) and collect random objects from around the house. Be sure to gather two of each object. Items to use may include, but are not limited to: clothespins, bottle caps, Wonderfoam shapes, colorful pencils, chenille stem pieces, plastic animals, buttons, wooden blocks, ping pong balls, small pony beads, washers, coins, paper money, etc. Place the objects into the container and label the game with crafting paper letters. Games to Play

  • Toddlers - Let them take their time as they match objects on their own or invite them to find certain items (similar to an "I Spy" game).
  • Preschool and Up - Time your students to see how many matches they can make in a specific time period. Encourage them to try to beat their own time. Also, have them sort the items by composition (e.g. metal, wood, plastic, etc.), size, or color for extra fun!

Tot Tool - Mix and Match