Measuring Activities

If you're looking for activities with which to introduce measuring to your students, ABC and 123 creators have compiled a fun list of things to try!

Measuring Volume Provide your students with several different sized containers (e.g. clean yogurt cup, sour cream container, large Cool Whip container, oatmeal container, etc.) and bags of cotton balls. Invite them to hypothesize which container, when filled up, will use the most cotton balls, least, etc. then have them try it out. Explain that it will be easiest to fill up the containers, then count the cotton balls. Have them record the number in each for comparison. Measuring Weight

Using the same containers, provide students with beads, cereal, or another small, uniform item and a balance scale. Ask your students to hypothesize which container will be heaviest when filled with the beads, lightest, etc. then find out using the balance scale. Have them record the weight of each for comparison.

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ABC and 123: Learning to Measure: Measurement Activities & Crafts

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