Marionettes For The Classroom

Looking for a way to spice up your classroom toy cabinet? Here are some great tutorials on making marionettes!

Made by Joel: Marionette

Refurbish some of the old wooden odds and ends you keep finding in the classroom and around the house with this contemporary marionette from Made By Joel. BONUS: Your students will enjoy the dancing puppet video! To spark their creativity, bring in a video camera and CD player and invite your students to make their own productions!

TLC Family "Marionette Puppet

With a supply list and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, your students will be able to create their very own puppet in no time! Partner this craft with a favorite classroom story or poem, assign a particular scene or section of the story to groups of students, and encourage them to create a script, along with cues and props, to present to the class. Enchanted Learning: Ballerina Marionette

The creators of Enchanted Learning keep things simple in this puppet tutorial. All you need is card stock, a hole punch, metal brads, a needle and thread. They offer a Leprechaun tutorial as well, but all you need are the cut outs and markers to create personalized characters!

Tips for Marionette Construction: All About Marionettes |

Still need a few pointers on constructing marionettes, watch the experts! This video segment offers tips and tricks of the trade, but there are many more videos in the marionette series that are highly captivating and might make a great introduction to the craft!

Don't feel like making your own? MPM School Supplies offers a great selection of hand puppets & finger puppets, props, and much more!

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