Making Estimation Fun

If a student doesn't get a concept or objective, school can start to feel like a chore for them. As a teacher, it's important to pick up on these feelings and work hard to find new ways of reaching your students. A great way to inspire enthusiasm is to invent a game that reinforces different aspects of the concept. Carisa, stay-at-home mom and creator of numerous children's blogs, provides a wonderful idea to use with estimation. The great thing is, this activity doesn't have to be limited to your estimation unit, but can be continued throughout the year as a fun classroom activity. At the beginning of each week, fill a new container with a new object and have your students estimate how many there are. Provide a record sheet where students can write down their name and estimate. The following Friday, set aside time to count the items and whomever is closest gets a prize! With this activity, students will continually use their estimation skills, brush up on counting skills, and learn about decision making.

1+1+1=1: Estimating

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