Make Music with Drinking Straws

Easy enough for preschoolers to accomplish unassisted, this craft will provide hours of fun for any classroom! All you need is a drinking straw and a pair of scissors for kids! Musical Straw Directions

  1. Use scissors to cut the end of the straw into a point (Note: When complete, the straw will look somewhat like a pencil.)
  2. With your fingers or the blunt end of your scissors, flatten out the pointed end as much as you can.
  3. To make music, place the flattened pointed end in your mouth and blow as hard as you can. Be careful not to press too hard on the straw. This will block air flow and smother the sound. The sound is produced when the 'flaps' at the end vibrate together.

Children will have so much fun with this simple instrument. If you get the technique just right, it will tickle your lips and cause lots of giggles! Remember though, with this craft, it is key to know your students. Because these straws could turn into swords or 'missiles' in the hands of your crafty preschoolers, be on the lookout for a good stopping point. It's sure to elicit a more enthusiastic response when parents ask their children what they did in class that day!

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