Make a Spinning Top from Old CDs

In the age of iPods and MP3 players, you're bound to have old CDs lying around. Rather than throwing them away, 're-purpose' them for use in your classroom. Amida, creator of the blog Journey Into Unschooling, provides directions for creative spinning tops.

Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled CDs
- Craft paper
- Washable markers
- Low temp hot glue gun
- Marble
- Foam First, instruct your students to trace their CD onto a piece of craft paper. Provide them with markers, crayons, etc. and invite them to decorate the tracing with interesting colors, shapes, and patterns. Assist your students in hot gluing their CD covers to the surface of the disc. Create a 'handle' out of a piece of foam and hot glue it, along with the marble, to the spinner and let dry. Your students will enjoy seeing how their pattern looks as the top spins!

Journey Into Unschooling: CD Spinners

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