"LOOK OUT For BRIGHT Students in Kinder!" Nautical Themed Bulletin Board Idea


Are you planning an ocean theme this year and need some last minute inspiration? Lori Zitzelberger, talented creator of Mud Pie Studio and bulletin board decorator extraoridnaire, came up with tons of great designs and invited us to take a look. Isn't it sweet of her to share her awesome ideas?!



We can't share them all - you can click here to see all 26 designs on her Pinterest board - but this week we'll give you a peek at our favorites!


Nautical or Ocean Themed Welcome Board

Not sure if we've been hiding under a rock or what, but the lighthouse theme is new to us and we love it! It's such a fun way to incorporate a bit of a nautical vibe into your ocean themed classroom!

Perfect for displaying pictures of your new kiddos or samples of their first classwork, this design also provides a fun opportunity for crafting with your new students!

Lighthouse Craft

While you can certainly create a lighthouse for each of your students, it might be fun to have them craft their own! Create your own template - or - along with red, white, blue, and yellow construction paper. The results are sure to be super cute and your students will love that their first craft has a special place of honor on the wall!

LOOK OUT For BRIGHT Students in Kinder!

  • Background: Natural butcher paper or light blue bulletin board paper.
  • Title: "LOOK OUT For BRIGHT Students in Kinder!"
  • Border: Navy trimmer or nautical themed border.
  • Decoration: Use construction paper to create a lighthouse for each of your students. [NOTE: Instead of yellow construction paper, it might be fun to use yellow cellophane to create the 'beacon of light' for each lighthouse.]

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