Little Pilot Preschool Pack

Summer Pilot Themed Multi-Skill Preschool Printables
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In our search for fun summer printables, we stumbled across this fantastic {and FREE!} pilot preschool pack created by Dawn of Our Little Monkeys. Blue skies, sunshine, white puffy clouds...and airplanes! With 31-pages in total, we're certain you'll find something your kiddos will enjoy! While you'll have to head over to Our Little Monkeys for the full pack, here's a sneak peek at our favorite activities...

Find the Letter

Flying high into the wild blue yonder! With several versions to choose from, students are invited to 'pilot' their way through the letter stars - circling, stamping, or covering the letter identified in the instructions!

Airplane Graphing

Provided with a custom pilot themed die, students are invited to roll the cube and record the results on the graph. Once one of their columns is full, Dawn created a worksheet to help students analyze the data in a fun and colorful way!

For these - and lots of awesome pilot themed worksheets - be sure to visit Our Little Monkeys!