Literacy Center Sorting Activities

Literacy Center Sentence and Word Family Sorting Preschool Printables
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We found some great literacy center printables from Mrs. Arnold at Oceans of First Grade Fun via The Homeschool Den. With these, your kiddos can practice identifying complete sentences, as well as sorting by word family.

Farm Fresh Sentences {pictured}

To promote early reading skills, invite your preschoolers to practice separating complete sentences from incomplete sentences. While they may not recognize every word {maybe just sight words you've introduced during the year} or understand what each sentence says, have your kiddos look for two simple hallmarks of a complete sentence; 1) the entry begins with a capital letter and 2) it has a punctuation mark at the end. Remind your students that, to be placed under the “Complete Sentence” heading, the entry must have both; all other entries should be placed in the “Incomplete Sentence” category. To help them, consider laminating the activity pieces so that students can use a dry erase marker to circle each capital letter and punctuation mark to assist them in properly sorting the cards.

Word Family Sort

The Homeschool Den features two word family sorting activities from Oceans of First Grade Fun. In the first, students must distinguish between -ie and -ight words, and in the second, they'll work to sort -or and -ore words. These activities will help your preschoolers strengthen letter recognition, review letter sounds, and learn how letters are grouped together to create specific sounds/words. Don't worry if your students have a hard time sounding out the words. Teach them the sound of each word family, invite them to attempt sounding out the words, but in the end, if they rely on letter recognition to sort the word cards, this is still a fantastic beginning literacy activity that will help them review and hone important concepts/skills needed for reading and spelling.