Letter to a Veteran

Veteran's Day or Memorial Day Writing Preschool Printable
Photo Source: fun-in-first.blogspot.com

Veteran's Day is this Friday, November 11th and to recognize the day - and the servicemen and women who have fought, and still fight today, to keep our country free - we found this letter template from Fun In First Grade that would fit perfectly into your writing center!

There are a few different alternatives for completing this activity...

  • Invite students to your desk one at a time and have them dictate a personal letter.
  • Provide students with several traceable messages - have them select one, trace it, and paste it to their letter.
  • Set out various messages that students can attempt to copy onto their paper - include a typed version of the note when sending so that the recipient will be able to read the sentiment.

Have students include both their name and age on the letter, perhaps even draw a picture on the back. For a complete writing process, invite students to fold their letter, place it in an envelope, and address the front of the envelope. You might even consider having them "stamp" the envelope with a patriotic sticker.

Send your letters to local veterans or send them to the families in the community who have sons, daughters, husband, wives, etc. currently serving. This is a fabulous way to reach out to community members as well as remind your students of the sacrifices others have made so that they can live in a country as great as ours!