Letter Sound Flash Cards!

Literacy and Reading Alphabet Flash Cards Preschool Printable
Photo Source: projectsbyjess.blogspot.com

We found these fabulous flash cards that teach letter sounds at Running With Scissors, a crafty blog created by the talented Jessica! She actually drew each one - by hand - and has been gracious enough to share them with others who might find them useful. And useful they most certainly are...

  • Print two sets of the cards and invite your kiddos to test their memory/matching skills with a game of concentration.
  • Have your preschoolers practice sequencing/ordering and letter recognition by putting the cards in alphabetical order.
  • Place the letter cards - face down -  in the center of the table. Have students take turns picking up a card and identifying the letter/letter sound. For correct answers, have students keep the card. At the end of the game, students tally up how many cards they have and the one with the most is the winner!
  • Invite students to sift through the cards to find the letters of their name. Provide them with a list of the names of their classmates and have them 'build' their names as well.

[NOTE: Jessica created these spectacular cards to go with Leap Frog's Letter Factory DVD. If you own/purchase this classroom resource, there are many other applications for the cards! You can find some of them at Running With Scissors.]

Don't miss out on these great cards! Visit Running With Scissors for a full color download or a black and white version that your kiddos can help you color!