Leprechaun Light Bulb

Completing the same craft year after year can get boring and tired. The same is true for every holiday. To breathe life into your St. Patrick’s Day craft plans while still embodying the spirit of the celebration, here is a twist on the traditional leprechaun craft!

A quick note, because light bulbs can be dangerous if dropped and shattered, make sure your students are old enough to realize the significance of handling their craft materials with care. If you’re confident that your students will be able to complete this project without incident, Sherri Osborn has put together a list of the craft supplies you’ll need which include: • Light bulb (one per child) • Toilet paper roll (one for every pair of children) • Masking tape • Newspaper • Paper Mache paste • Pen • Craft foam or felt sheets • Paint (green, orange, pink/tan, black) • Kids paint brushesCraft glueKids scissors

Osborn suggests setting aside an hour for this craft. It is important to remember that this time frame does not include the time needed for the Paper Mache to dry. Because of this, the project will most likely need to be completed in two days. Also, if you wish to skip the mess and hassle, craft supply manufacturers offer pre-made Paper Mache paste. On the other hand, the paste can be made rather easily and inexpensively with one part water and two parts flour. Either way, your students will enjoy getting their hands dirty and your classroom will have adorable decorations for the holiday!

Light Bulb Leprechaun Craft - How to Make a Leprechaun Out of a Light Bulb

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