Leprechaun Fun for St. Patrick's Day!

Leprechaun Activities for Kids
Photo Source: Mrs. Jump's Class

Looking for a way to add a little leprechaun fun into your upcoming math lessons? Deanna over at Mrs. Jump's Class put together a few ideas you will definitely want to check out!

Fair Shares Book

The fair shares idea is a great way to get your kiddos to work on dividing equally, a skill that many little ones struggle with. Have your students draw a 'rainbow card' and then count out that many pieces of 'gold' (Deanna recommends Corn Pops for the gold, but anything yellow would do the trick!). Then, have them divide the gold to see if it can be done equally and record their findings.

St. Patrick's Day Dividing Equally Activity
Photo Source: Mrs. Jump's Class

Leprechaun Drawings

We LOVE Deanna's idea for showing your kiddos how to draw using shapes!! If you struggle with getting your youngsters to understand that drawing can be more than just stick figures, check out the success Deanna has with the shape idea. Here is the example she used with her class:

Drawing a Leprechaun Using Shapes
Photo Source: Mrs. Jump's Class

Now check out the drawings a few of her students did. Pretty impressive looking leprechauns!!

Students Leprechaun Drawings Using Shapes
Photo Source: Mrs. Jump's Class

Rainbow Candy Math

Deanna also provides a FREEbie with her leprechaun ideas that you will definitely want to check out. The FREEbie will give your kiddos a chance to practice their addition skills in a very colorful way! It can be found here. With just the printable, some crayons and a bag of skittles, your activity will be ready to go!

Be sure to stop by Mrs. Jump's Class soon to check out her amazing blog!