Learning Through Play - Summertime Water Wall

Summertime Water Wall Idea
Photo Source: Time for Play

A water wall is a fantastic idea for summertime play! They are relatively inexpensive to set-up and are sure to provide your kiddos with hours of outdoor fun. When poured from the top, students will have the opportunity to direct the water down different paths, watching it pour, stream or drip and trying to anticipate where it will land. We loved the water wall idea shared by Cari over at Time for Play!

Water Wall Set-Up

The water wall can be set-up on a wooden fence, or even on a piece of board you may have lying around. You'll need to find an assortment of empty plastic bottles (water bottles, milk jugs, coffee creamer containers, ziploc containers, etc) and a bin for catching the water at the bottom. Start by laying out the plastic containers to provide several options (paths) for pouring water through.

When it came time to attach, Cari nailed her containers to her fence. But you could always use screws and butterfly nuts if you want your kiddos to easily be able to change the path of the water.

Idea for Setting Up Summertime Water Wall
Photo Source: Time for Play

Side Note - We read several ideas that had the students helping to drill the screws into the board. With proper supervision, we love the idea!! A great way to get them involved and excited about the project!

With the board set-up, you'll want to create different size holes in each container to allow for water to stream through or drip through to the container below, or perhaps even stop altogether. Provide a variety to keep the kiddos engaged! Then all you'll need is a tub full of water to get the fun started! For a little something special, use food coloring to turn the water a bright color.

Play Time with the Summertime Water Wall
Photo Source: Time for Play

As you can see below, Cari also created 'ice balls' by filling balloons with water and freezing. A perfect way to cool the water down on a hot summer day!

Ice Balls for the Summertime Water Wall
Photo Source: Time for Play

Cari's blog Time for Play is a wonderful spot for finding exciting ideas for learning through play! It's quickly become one of our favorite go-to resources!