Learning The Days Of The Week Through Song

The process of singing promotes use of both the left and right brain. As a child learns and recites lyrics, their left-brain engages to comprehend, make sense of, and store new information. When these lyrics are put to a tune and a child begins to link words with sounds and rhythm, the right side of the brain is engaged. Because of this, singing and music stimulate the brain, making kids more capable of processing and retaining information. Caillou, a popular children’s cartoon created by PBS, offers a Days of the Week song. Found at PBSkids.org, there is an audio track that can be played for students and a page of lyrics that can be printed to promote word recognition. A to Z Kids Stuff provides four different learning songs set to well-known tunes including “Oh My Darlin’ Clementine” and the Addams Family theme song. Additionally, Learning Games for Kids has archived an educational video that combines a mixture of animation, words, and song for fun and easy learning. With these wonderful resources, your students will be on their way to learning the days of the week!

How to Teach Preschoolers the Days of the Week

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