Learning the Alphabet with Potatoes

This simple activity goes great with units on farming or nature. Simply cut out twenty-six 'potatoes' from brown construction paper and use a Sharpie marker to write one letter of the alphabet onto each vegetable. If you have the resources, laminate the game pieces to ensure they'll hold up against toddler and preschooler wear and tear.

Alphabet Search

Place your alphabet potatoes in a pile on the table. Invite students to join you for a letter search. Begin by finding each letter of the alphabet in succession, then test their letter recognition skills by calling letters in random order for them to find. Potato Sack Game

For this game you'll need four sets of 'potato alphabets' and two burlap potato sacks. Students will be divided into two teams for a bit of competition, team building skills, and fun! Before beginning the activity, set up two full potato alphabets, one for each team, onto the floor or desks that have been pushed together. Provide each team with a sack of potato letters at their 'home base' (e.g. a desk at the front of the class, etc.). When the game begins, have students from each team take turns pulling a letter from their bag and race to their alphabet 'game board' to place the potato by its match. The first team to complete their alphabet wins!

Such simple game pieces, but your students are sure to enjoy themselves!

Potato alphabet activity in preschool

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