Learning About Sizes: Length Worksheets

activity worksheet featuring crayons and pencils where students must choose the longest object in each group
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The next series of size worksheets also comes from Kids Learning Station and will help your preschoolers learn about length - the ability to distinguish between long and short objects. A total of ten unique printables, students will be asked to observe and compare objects in order to:

  • Identify which objects in a group are long and which are short.
  • Identify the shortest and longest object within a group of objects.
  • Practice drawing an object that is shorter or longer than the object presented.
  • Match short and tall objects.

Worksheet Applications

Use the worksheets as designed or try one of these exciting activities:

baby block 1 After completing the worksheet activity, pair students up and invite them to cut the images from their printables. Encourage them to play a memory matching game by placing the cards face down on a flat surface, taking turns flipping over cards, and making matches based on object length.
baby block 2 Have students use the worksheet image cutouts to create patterns. Start of with a simple AB pattern (e.g. long, short, long, short) and graduate to more complex patterning (e.g. short, short, long, etc.).
baby block 3 Use the worksheet images to create an interactive emergent reader booklet where your students can explore important vocabulary like: short, shorter than, shortest, long, longer than, longest, etc.

Example Interactive Emergent Reader

example interactive emergent reader cover pageexample interactive emergent reader page 1example interactive emergent reader page 2example interactive emergent reader page 3

Be sure to visit Kids Learning Station for these awesome worksheets and other helpful early childhood resources!

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