Learning About Sizes: Height Worksheets

worksheet with different types and sizes of trees that students put in order
Photo Source: www.kidslearningstation.com

Kids Learning Station provides a brilliant set of worksheets to help your students learn the concepts of tall and short - an important skill your preschoolers should have before heading to kindergarten. Six unique printables in all, students will practice observing and comparing objects in order to:

  • Identify the shortest and tallest object in a group of objects.
  • Practice drawing an object that is shorter or taller than the object presented.
  • Match short and tall objects.

Worksheet Applications

Use the worksheets as designed or try one of these exciting activities:

baby block 1 Ordering. Have students cut out the objects on their worksheets creating individual object cards. Invite them to practice ordering the cards from shortest to tallest and tallest to shortest.
baby block 2 Sorting. At the conclusion of the lesson, have students cut each of their worksheets apart, creating individual object cards. Invite students to practice sorting the cards by object size (shortest, short, tall, tallest, etc.).
baby block 3 As a twist, create an interactive emergent reader for your students to make. You'll need a book template (similar to the example below) for students to glue the individual object cards to.

Example Interactive Emergent Reader

emergent reader book page 1emergent reader book page 2emergent reader book page 3

You might also consider including pages with slightly different wording. For example:

sentence that reads "This rocket is tall. This rocket is short."

As students pair objects in their emergent reader, they'll practice important vocabulary like short, shorter, shorter than, tall, taller, taller than, etc.

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